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Vyo the Half-Catoblepas Mage by MidnightDiviner Vyo the Half-Catoblepas Mage by MidnightDiviner
This is my entry for the Seventh Sanctum's contest Weapons and Warriors!

Vyo was born as one of the last remaining members of the Ceirenaeros, a clan of Half-Catoblepas beings who were proud masters of Majick, healing, and the ability to channel their inner energy through the Majick-infused weapons they forged, but they thrived in a society of close-minded honor. Their extreme sense of self preservation that they held as their primary guideline for thousands of generations, forced them to reproduce only within their own society, in which all members were already related in some way-- whether it was close or distant. Because of this, every new generation was born with lighter skin, softer horns, muscular weakness, and a less-developed contrast of colors in their scales, fur, and spines; their eyes and hair, however, retained their brilliant colors of purple, red, and orange. Their will to study and learn the ancient practices of Majick, healing and channeling, also diminished slightly with every new generation as well.

Generations went on, and their race gradually began to falter. Their ancient, resilient genetics adapted to the environment as they needed to in order to keep their bodies alive, but their strength was falling, and sadly their overall lifespan was sporadic and only occasionally produced a healthy combination that could survive. The remaining Elders, who were from the very first generations of the Ceirenaeros, and who were the Headmasters, were weary of their weakening clan, and used their pure powers of healing and stabilization to aid their citizens as much as they possibly could... but even they knew their limits. They could not heal or alter the clan's lifespan, because it was the way of nature, and since they respected the way of the universe and the course of time, they believed it was a sin to attempt to alter it. All the Elders and the rest of the clan could do, was to pray for a miracle-- a male heir whose genetic course would rebound, and who could save the clan, and become a great Mage and a new master of the ancient Majick.

Finally, the day came, when there was only one last chance for an heir to be born. And he was. However, when he arrived, the clan looked upon him strangely, and all began to weep. He had been born with only one horn. He was a defect, though after he was further examined by the Elders, he was found to have superior blood and energy... just as they had hoped for... but his other horn-- an honorable sign of pride, power, and wisdom-- was missing.

After much discussion and months of debate, which concerned all of the Ceirenaeros ways of life and practice, the Elders finally came to a conclusion; though the boy had been born with a serious defect, of which would dictate the manner in which he was treated, they would teach him in the old ways. However, as soon as he became a 'man', they would alienate him and force him to lead a life of his own, and he could never return to the dying clan of the Ceirenaeros.

This is how Vyo came to be.

I got the inspiration from Final Fantasy's Catoblepas, which is also known as the Behemoth! I hope you enjoy it! He was a lot of fun!

Generator descriptions:

The alienated male half-Catoblepas mage who is estranged from family members. His non-human ancestry gives him a strangely attractive appearance.

Weapon 1: Hellslayer

Weapon 2: Demoneater

Vyo is also a kindhearted and sensitive soul, but since he is internally fighting with himself, he rarely shows any emotion to others. He learned to forge his own weapons-- a pair of handguns, the Demoneater (the double-barreled demon-wrapped gun), and the Hellslayer, both into which he infused his own blood. He became his weapons, and he is very close to them, as if they were his pact partners. He has found solace in traveling and wayfaring to villages who need his help in terms of protection from wild beasts... even some Catoblepases. But still, his heart aches with the reality of what he is, and the disgust that his clan had for him all throughout his childhood and his adolescence.
MidnightDiviner Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2011
aaw tanku!!!!! :D I'm really glad with the way he came out! :D
MissSallyCabbage Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
AlejandroMM Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Genial, muy de mi estilo de dibujos; felicitaciones por alguna razón me recuerda a hellsing.
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